Event Locations

This Burien Solar Punk Festival will be hosted at Shark Garden in the heart of Burien Washington.  Shark Garden is a nonprofit organization that has developed an old baseball field into a 1.9acre community garden that produces 2 tons of food that goes directly to the White Center food bank.  The garden is not just producing food but is a great Community Center for individuals within the heart of Burien.  This Burien Solar Punk Festival will be showcasing the amazing environment that Shark Garden has created in its 5 years of operations.  In addition, Sphere Solar Energy installed energy on the land, allowing us to host the Solar Punk Festival within Shark Gardens land.  You can find Shark Garden next to New Start High School, just off of 4th Avenue S. 

 Below are some images of the garden taken from multiple different angles so you can get a feel for what it will be like when you show up for the Solar Punk Festival.

Event Address:  614 SW 120th St Burien, WA 98146

Location Site Map

Solar Punk Fest Reference Event Post 

Parking Lot 

Parking Lot

Parking Lot -full view from food tuck area 

ART Walk Reference -Side Street

End of art walk

Midway of the art walk area

Existing Art Piece

Front- midground Reference - Stage and farmland


Food Stage

Midground Reference - Food Stage and Farmland

Farm Land

Herb Garden

Back - Midground Reference - 

Shipping container 

The Green House

Bird's Eye View of Farm