Solar System Crowdfunder

Project Details: 

   The Shark Garden has secured some funding to create two off-grid solar systems to showcase renewable energy, power garden events, and increase food production. These microgrids will be used to power irrigation pumps and timers, greenhouse fans and heaters, an agricultural robot called a Farmbot, two vertical grow towers,  an air to water generator, outdoor movie nights, community events, an outdoor kitchen area with cooking demonstrations, lighting, security cameras, and a future incinerating toilet. We are creating an educational green energy hub for the community and students as well as generating electricity, food, and water on the land. 

    The garden will be working with black-owned Sphere Solar to build these systems and we have already obtained funding for this project from the Port of Seattle and King Conservation District, totaling $23K. We are seeking to raise an additional $15K to complete the project and increase its capacity.  The remaining funds will be utilized to obtain additional solar panels, battery capacity, and for Sphere Solar’s skilled labor to install the full systems.

Project Impacts:

   This project will benefit many underserved populations including the at-risk BIPOC youth in our programs, the families who garden with us, and the community at large. We will be able to provide power to events and classes, demonstrate green energy applications in urban spaces, increase food security for the more than 70,000 people who benefit from our donations to the food bank, and be energy independent as an organization. The project will have great public exposure for our partners and the ongoing programming and curriculum developed around it will continue to engage and educate the public and students about green careers and technology. 

    We invite you to help support this unique and innovative green project in support of a diverse and inclusive community. We hope this project and its outcomes will help inspire other communities to create similar green spaces all over the world. Help us make this world better, one garden at a time. 


  The New Start Community Garden is a nonprofit school, community, and botanical garden in Burien, Washington. The half acre school garden portion, the Shark Garden, uses volunteers and at-risk youth to grow organic produce for the White Center Food Bank, donating over 2,000 pounds per year. The students are 85% BIPOC high schoolers within the Highline School District and many have faced court involvement and other challenges. We have a summer Earn and Learn program where students earn math or science credit while getting paid a wage to work on projects in the garden. We would love to integrate some of the green energy lessons into this program. Students in that program improve their school attendance by as much as 69% while working in the garden. We also have 75 p-patch plots that are rented by community members that are 74% BIPOC, including many immigrant families and seniors. Our botanical garden focuses on food and pollinator plants and we use it to teach classes about organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and food production. The garden also has a stage and meadow area that is used for community events from outdoor movies to music and art.

Project Partners: 

Sphere Solar Energy (SSE) is a Black-owned solar installation company located in Seattle, Washington, that serves all communities across the state and abroad. Their dedication to improving the adoption of renewable energy is shown both in community involvement and youth career opportunities. Sphere Solar Energy’s mission is to distribute the adoption and knowledge of solar technology across all communities through educational workshops and Solar 101 events. SSE walks clients along their solar journey by personalizing a system that suits their exact needs. Sphere offers solar installation, solar battery storage, EV charging, and electrical services for residents and businesses. Sphere One is our non-profit division, in which SSE donates a portion of our sales to complete solar projects both locally and globally to marginalized communities.

Project Name: Solar-Powered Urban Garden 

Project Location: Burien, WA. @ New Start High School

System Sizes: 3.2KW (DC), 3KW (DC)

Project Expected Ground Breaking: TBA

Project Expected Installation Date: TBA

Total Project Cost: $62K

Left to Raise: $22K 

Project Lead: Adam C. Powers

Project Lead Contact: 

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