Solar Garden Tours

We at Shark Garden, in collaboration with Key Tech Labs, are excited to offer you a special opportunity to explore our solar-powered garden. This month marks the beginning of tours designed for you and your team to discover the Shark Garden, a flourishing example of urban and community gardening in the heart of Burien.

What was once a baseball field has now been transformed into a lush 1.6-acre garden, yielding a remarkable 3,000 pounds of produce each year for the West Seattle Food Bank. Our dedication to sustainable practices encompasses our 3.2kW solar system, implemented with the help of Sphere Solar Energy, a BIPOC-led solar energy company. This installation powers our Solar Microgrid, which is integral to the garden’s operations, from energizing irrigation to powering the ventilation in our greenhouse. Our garden is also a hub for community engagement and education, offering garden classes and hosting events like The Burien Solar Punk Festival. This festival is a fusion of entertainment, community, environmental awareness, and cutting-edge technology powered entirely by our eco-friendly solar microgrid.

Leading your tour is Adam C. Powers, a certified Department of Energy Community Solar Developer. His deep knowledge of solar technology and commitment to sustainable community projects will provide you with a unique and enriching experience.

We invite you to witness the harmonious blend of urban agriculture and innovative solar energy. Please book your tour to explore the inner workings of our garden at the following link: Reserve Your Expert-Led Solar Garden Tour.

In case you're unable to make it to Burien, we have a great alternative for you. Explore the Shark Garden and our solar system through the Port of Seattle’s video. This engaging feature offers a virtual glimpse into our sustainable world. Watch it here: Shark Garden & Key Tech Labs - Port of Seattle’s Video.